Human Trafficking Awareness for Healthcare:W.A.R. on Slavery


Healthcare professionals are on the frontlines when it comes to identifying and caring for victims of human trafficking. As a result, they need to be educated on how to recognize indicators of abuse so they can intercede on behalf of the patient. This trauma-informed, victim-centered program will play a critical role in preparing our country’s medical community to help victims break out of this abuse cycle.

This training is available now!

Human Trafficking Awareness for First Responders & Community Members:W.A.R. on Slavery


The experience in the field suggest that, across communities, most people do not believe that human trafficking exists today, especially in their own community. There remains confusion regarding who is a victim. Most of the cases are not “black and white.” They fall into gray areas that are not always easy to prove. First Responders and Safety Officers job is to serve and protect victims of human trafficking. Therefore, they need to be educated on how to recognize indicators of abuse so they can protect victims. This trauma-informed, victim-centered program will play a critical role in preparing our country’s finest to help victims break out of this abuse cycle. Others who benefit from this training include: community members, social workers, government offices, surveyors, religious organizations, and anyone who works with the public.

 This training is available now!

Why Our Programs? Top 10 Reasons


1. We are less expensive than “free” programs!

For example in healthcare, “Nurse scheduling and staffing issues continue to afflict hospitals(Becker’s Hospital Review, 10/14/16). When your staff takes a 1-hour webinar/in-person seminar they are required to be off the job to attend. This means you need to replace your unit nurse OR be short-staffed while they are take this “free” training. Your staffing cost: $63.28 (for 2 nurses) which doesn’t include staff stress and frustration. We offer a more cost-effective, hassle and stress-free option!

Our program’s unique calming and engaging format enables your personnel to better retain the information while fending off second-hand trauma. Our program consists of 20, three-minute lessons (= 1.50 CE and 1.0 CME credit). Each person decides when to watch the training. Each learner is tracked and you’re provided a report to know who completed the training.

2. We have proven results.

a. Pre and Post Test results prove that attitudes and behaviors have changed.

b. Avanoo (our technical elearning platform partner) measures 3 things:

    1) Engagement (who completes the program),

    2) Interactions (reflections posted and support amongst colleagues), 

    3) Benefits (actions pinned and completed, approval rating, self-reported growth).

Administrators can access this information throughout the program and will receive a report upon program completion.

3. We base our eLearning content on evidence-based research.

We use 49 medical research sources as the basis for the 20 Healthcare lessons. For the First Responders program we used 65 resources including 20 unique justice sources. Our eLearning platform is based on research in the areas of adult learning, neuroscience, music, and environmental psychology.


4. We create communities of practice to engage your staff.

After each lesson participants can share a Reflection or Action in a discussion forum (like FaceBook) which encourages interaction with colleagues. When an entire organization’s personnel take the eLearning at the same time, there is anecdotal evidence that learners are more willing to cover for each other when someone is taking longer than usual with a potential victim. This program has the potential to increase teamwork, purpose, and accountability among staff.

5. We provide a practical on-the-job tool for learners to use at work.
A four-fold printable pocket guide is provided to assist personnel in remembering the key points and action strategies specific to their profession:   

                   1) Healthcare Pocket Guide

                   2) First Responder & Safety Officer Pocket Guide

6. Our approach is trauma-informed and victim-centered.

Our program is victim-centered, culturally-relevant, evidence-based, gender-sensitive, and trauma-informed. We base our W.A.R. formula on HT victims traumatized, abused state. We developed an approach and questions that compel victims to respond. We address the critical need to release the victim’s shame which is the only way victims are likely to recognize their victimization and be set free. This training covers 4 labor and 16 sex trafficking as well as LGBTQ, boys, girls, men, and women victim stories.


7.We use 20 victim stories to change what people think and how they behave in 3 minutes a day.

Proof is in the statistical results and our participants feedback: Comment from April 2017 Healthcare eLearning participant: “I am the Clinical Staff Educator for the Emergency Departments at Lakeland Regional Health. This education is effective because of the real-life examples given with each lesson. The lesson then goes on to talk about what to look for and how to talk to the victim so that they do not feel more shame and will begin to trust you. The videos also repeated the important info we need to say when we recognize or suspect HT. Love the soothing background music and beautiful calm scenery. The 3-minute daily videos give you time to digest what you have learned. Very effective. I will be using the Learning Aid for all staff in the ED, and any new staff starting in the ED from here on out. I have already looked at other situations that have come up in other classes I teach and saw the possibility they may have been dealing with a HT victim and have talked about the red flags. This touches so much more than just ED staff. It makes me look at situations in a different light. Things I see/hear on social media, missing children, TV news, etc. all make me think about the possibility that some of these people are being trafficked.”

8. You can earn 1.50 Continuing Education (or 1.0 CME) credit upon completion.

Continuing Education opportunities are available. Currently we offer 1.50 credits for:
Nursing, Social Work, Health Educator, Healthcare Risk Manager, Healthcare Quality;
and 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 credit for physicians.

We can recommend an organization you can work with directly to receive CE for your group. Or, we can provide you with ALL the paperwork that is required for you to obtain CE on your own – you will simply need to provide your organization’s date.

For more information on continuing education for our programs, please

9. We meet state and federal mandated standards.

Our Pre and Post Test Survey questions are built upon the mandated standards.


10. Our program content and evaluation criteria is state of the art.

Hanni Stoklosa and her colleagues wrote a 2017 research article: Training US health care professionals on human trafficking: where do we go from here? identifying the lack of consistent content in HT training and little if any evaluation of the training.  Our program addresses and incorporates most of Stoklosa’s recommendation (except for organ trafficking). We developed evaluation metrics specific to HT training such that changes in knowledge, attitude, and practice outcomes can be reliably and reproducibly measured. 


We continue to research the effectiveness of our PRE and POST test evaluation criteria in determining the attitude and behavior change of people taking human trafficking training. Researchers have been engaged to write an outcome-based research paper on findings. The research will be submitted to national journals. JOIN US!

We value and appreciate the effectiveness of Avanoo’s unique approach, so we continue to build our training using the same format. Check out the Research Foundations of Avanoo to read it for yourself. Avanoo’s Programs and platform are built to ensure deep, team engagement – 6 times industry standard! Private discussion communities are formed within client hospitals and medical offices to increase team support and engagement. Clients average 47% improved performance within 30 days of Avanoo. We have a 100% client satisfaction rate.



Our new platform is on Thinkific and your Satisfaction is Guaranteed: 100% satisfaction guarantee or a full refund. You will achieve meaningful, enhanced performance. Outcomes are measured – participants rate progress and enter action steps (which can be tracked by the client administrator).

To make the most of your eLearning experience, you can watch our 8 minute webinar called Avanoo Learner Instructions Webinar . For those who prefer, here’s a link to our Avanoo Learner Instructions pdf.



Patti and Ruth are thankful for all the people who work on the frontlines helping survivors move from being victims to victors.

They are committed to giving 10% of their training profits to organizations who are doing great work in the Human Trafficking movement.

The Co-Authors

After falling prey to sex traffickers as a teenager, Ruth Rondon found herself caught up in a tangled web of trafficking and drug addiction for 18 years. Ruth was subjected to trauma and abuse as a child and adult, and lived beyond the reach of anyone who cared for her. Her family and others tried to reach her for years, to no avail. She navigated through life in survival mode, lonely, self-destructive, and oblivious to her own potential and the power she held inside. Ruth vowed to be a victim no more at age 33 and she was able to escape the life and recover from her addiction. She went on to work for 27 years as a clerk. She retired so she could begin helping other victims become survivors. She is the author of The Realities of Human Trafficking: From the Inside Out to Freedom. In 2015, Ruth was appointed by Governor Snyder to serve a two-year term on the Michigan Human Trafficking Health Advisory Board. In December 2016, she was reappointed to serve a four-year term.

Patti Hathaway is known as The CHANGE AGENT . As a bestselling author of six books, a Certified Speaking Professional, and business advisor and coach, Patti is the author of four other Avanoo programs. Patti’s books have been translated into six languages and have collectively sold over 100,000 copies. Her expertise has been featured in the New York Times, Harvard Management Update, Entrepreneur Magazine, Sales and Marketing Excellence, Woman’s Day, American Way, Cosmopolitan, and numerous industry-specific journals.

In this Program, Ruth provides real-life stories of her own and others as a trafficking victim, while Patti teaches practical, proven tools and strategies that are based on real life rather than theory. Together, Ruth and Patti provide a powerful combination of street experience and thought provoking insights to challenge healthcare workers to stop human trafficking and end modern day slavery.